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Volunteers4Humanity - Providing free medical and dental care worldwide.

Tis the season to make a difference in the lives of others. Your charitable donation will allow Volunteers4Humanity to continue providing free medical and dental care to underserved areas.

One focus of our NPO is the provide equipment and instruction on the benefits of laparoscopic surgery.  In parts of the underdeveloped world, when a female patient presents to a medical facility with symptoms of abdominal or pelvic pain and the facility is without diagnostic equipment on occasions she is subjected to an open laparotomy to make the diagnosis.  The primary benefits of having a laparoscopic surgery( three or four small holes with instruments versus a laparotomy includes: 
*The surgical wounds are much smaller.
*Reduced rates of infection with laparoscopic surgery.
*A decreased loss of blood during and after surgery.
*Significantly less pain following surgery.
*Shorter hospital stays for the patient.
*The patient will ultimately return to normal activity faster.

Our nonprofit organization has been fortunate to receive donated medical supplies.  This equipment, once transported and implemented will save many lives.  Your donation will enable us to deliver these supplies and promote our long-term woman's programs in the developing world. 

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Brain Injured Child
We visited a village outside of Kitale,Kenya. The child apparently suffered an anoxic injury during labor and delivery.

Sponsoring the Organization
Sponsoring our nonprofit organization has never been easier.
To send your donation via check or money order  please make all payments out to Volunteers4Humanity:
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