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Volunteers4Humanity - Providing free medical and dental care worldwide.

I. We provide free medical and dental care to underserved and impoverished areas worldwide. 

II. On our medical missions abroad, we allow volunteers to accompany us so that they can appreciate the problems associated with providing medical care in underdeveloped areas of the world. 

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         Welcome to Volunteers4Humanity
          We have shared some of our highlights!   

  1. Lira, Uganda:  We provided free medical and dental care to the people residing in the metropolitan area of Lira Regional Referral Hospital. 
  2. Mulago Hospital: We provided medical supplies and equipment.
  3. Orphanages of Uganda: We provided educational materials, clothes, free medical examinations, and hope to the children.
  4. We spoke at Fresno State on several occasions.
  5. We spoke at Mercer Dept of Education's Career Day
  6. We spoke at the University of California-Davis' Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professional Medical Conference. 

Information Line: 888-559-8882

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